Bemisal Term Deposit

Bemisal Term Deposit (BTD) Eligible Customers:

  • Individuals including Widows and Senior Citizens
  • Sole Proprietorship / Partnership / Pvt. Limited Co. / Public Limited Co.
  • Government Organization (Federal / Provincial)
  • District Government / Local Government Organization
  • Trust / Club / Association / Society / Political Party / Charity / NGO / NPO
  • Public Sector Corporation / Autonomous Body
  • Accountholders of Foreign missions

Requirement to Apply:

  • Minimum deposit requirement is Rs.100,000/-
  • Opening of Current or Saving Bank Deposit account is mandatory for issuance of BTD , thereof, on the basis of deposit account

Salient Features:

  • Nature of account is Long Term Deposit.
  • Instrument tenor is 5 years.
  • No limit for maximum deposit
  • The product is available in PKR only.
  • Expected rate of profit is 12.00% flat from 1st year to 5th year.
  • BTD profit rate at the time of investment / issuance shall be continued till maturity.
  • The profit rates are subject to change(s) made from time to time. Branches shall refer to rates changes, circulated from time to time.
  • Profit payment on monthly basis to be credited to linked accounts.
  • Free SMS Service
  • Free online transactions in respective customer’s account.
  • Free Quarterly statement of account upon customer’s request
  • Premature encashment is allowed as per Bank policy.
  • All type of taxes on profit / withdrawal / zakat are applicable.

Additional Features:

  • Financing Facility up to 90% TDR (BTD) locked amount.

Swipe in facility:

  • Swipe in facility up to 30% of total TDR amount is allowed once during TDR period.
  • Profit rate will be decreased by 1% in case of availing swipe in (early partial withdrawal) facility.

What is Swipe in facility?

With Swipe-in Facility one can link existing Term deposit account to Savings or Current Account. In case of a shortfall in the account in processing a debit instruction, the deficit is taken care of by withdrawing an exact value from Term Deposit Account.


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