BOK PLS Account

PLS Savings Accounts are profit-bearing accounts meant to promote the habit of savings among the Customers while allowing them to use their funds when required. Customers can deposit any amount of money any number of times. However, fund withdrawals are subject to certain restrictions. The profit is calculated on the basis of average monthly balance maintained by the Customers and is credited semi-annually. Overdraft/ finance facility is not available. PLS Savings Accounts are available in local (PKR) and foreign currencies (USD, EURO and GBP).

Eligible Customers:

  • Individual (Singly or Jointly)
  • Individual Business
  • Diplomat
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Joint Stock Company (Public/ Private/ Listed/ Unlisted)
  • Partnership Firm (Registered/ Unregistered)
  • Government Organization (Federal/ Provincial)
  • District Government/ Local Government Organization
  • Trust/ Club/ Association/ Society/ Political Party/ Charity/ NGO/NPO
  • Public Sector Corporation/ Autonomous Body

Salient Features:

  • This is a profit bearing and chequing account.
  • The profit/ interest rates are subject to change at any time. Therefore, branches are advised to refer to the latest Indicative and Annualized Rates on deposits circular.
  • This product is available in PKR, USD, GBP and EURO.
  • ADCs services are available.
  • The profit is calculated on the basis of average balance during a month.
  • The profit is payable on Half Yearly basis.
  • Statement of Account is issued semi-annually.
  • Zakat is deducted as per the applicable rules.
  • Withholding tax is deducted from the profit as per the prevailing rates

Minimum Initial Deposit Requirement :

PLS Saving Account may be opened normally with an initial balance of Rs. 100/-. No initial deposit is required for opening of accounts by (i) Mustahkeen of Zakat, (ii) Students, (iii) Employees of Govt. or Semi-Govt. institutions for salary and pension purposes (including widows/children of deceased employees eligible for family pension/benevolent fund grant, etc.) and other similar types of accounts.

PKR 100/-

USD: Equivalent to PKR: Rs:100

GBP: Equivalent to PKR: Rs:100

Euro: Equivalent to PKR: Rs:100

Other Currency: Equivalent to PKR: Rs:100


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