Kamaal Plus Current Account


  • Nature of account is current, i.e. Cost Free.
  • This product is available in PKR only.
  • Initial Deposit Requirement to open account is Rs.5,000/-
  • Maintenance of Minimum Daily Balance Requirement of Rs.25,000/- is mandatory to avail free facilities.
  • (If the balance is less than Rs.5,000/- per month on monthly average basis at the month end then incidental charges will be deducted from account as per prevailing SOCB).
  • Unlimited Deposit and Withdrawal Facility.
  • Unlimited Free Online Transactions (within the Bank).
  • Free Personalized Cheque book (one free cheque book of 50 leaves per year).
  • Free ATM/Debit Card for one authorized person (no issuance fee as well as no annual/renewal fee will be charged).
  • Unlimited Free Call Deposits.
  • Unlimited Free Crossed Banker’s Cheques (CBCs) including Pay Order and Demand Draft.
  • Free Statement of Account.
  • Unlimited Free SMS Alerts (on all transactions).

 Available Currency:

  • Pak Rupee Only.

Initial Deposit Requirement for Account Opening:

  • PKR 5,000/- (minimum)

Monthly Minimum Balance Requirement:

  • PKR 25,000/- minimum balance required to be maintained in account at all times.
  • In case the minimum balance is not maintained in account at any day during the month, the customer will not be eligible for availing any free facilities from that day to next 30 days.
  • Service charges will be deducted from the account along with FED as per the prevailing BOK’s Schedule of Charges (SOC) where the balance in account falls below Rs.5,000/- on average at month end.

Free Services and Facilities:

  • In order to attract retailers, traders and business accounts, the Bank offers following free services/facilities during a month upon maintenance of minimum daily balance of Rs.25,000/- (i.e. account balance should not fall below Rs.25,000/- at any day during the month):
  • Unlimited Free Call Deposits
  • Unlimited Free Crossed Banker’s Cheques (CBCs) or instruments like Demand Drafts and Pay Orders
  • Unlimited Free Online Transactions (within the Bank)
  • Free Debit / ATM card (no issuance fee as well as no annual / renewal fee will be charged)
  • Free Personalized Cheque book (one free cheque book of 50 leaves per year).
  • If balance in an account is less than required limit during any single day of a month, free services will not be available and Schedule of Charges – Conventional will be applicable for one month from the date on which the minimum balance requirement was breached.
  • Condition of minimum balance requirement is not applicable during the first month of account opening.
  • In case no transaction is conducted in the account for one year then such an account becomes dormant and will require reactivation for conducting transactions in the same.
  • All prevailing SBP regulations and Government taxes, laws, etc are applicable.


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