Consumer Finance
Raast Consumer Murabaha

BOK offers several products to cater the needs of their customer under the Shariah Complaint products like Raast Consumer Murabaha Facility which is structured under the concept of Murabaha.

  • Murabaha is a Sale transaction where the Seller (BOK) will disclosed the cost and profit to the Buyer (Customer) at time of Sale transaction
  • The seller (Customer) will pay the sale price either on spot or deferred price (Installments)
  • The following two products are being offered under Raast Consumer Murabaha facility
    • Raast Honda Motorcycle Facility
    • Raast Solar system for Residential House
  • Tenure of financing is 01 to 04 years
  • Maximum Amount financed will be Rs. 2.00 Million or 15 net take home salary, whichever is less
  • Mode of payment will be postdated cheques
  • Pakistani national, including AJK salaried Employees of Provincial Government, Federal Government, Semi-Government & Local Government, Contractual Doctors of MTI hospitals of KPK and Professors of Public Sector Universities, are eligible for the said facility subject to the condition that their contract remain valid within the total tenure of the bank’s facility
  • Age should be 22 to 58 years
  • Period of employment should be 01 years or more in Permanent cadre
  • Income of Applicant should be Net take home Salary to be minimum Rs. 15,000/- installment should not be more than 33% of the net take home income or 50% corrective installments not to exceed salary other loans
  • Security: As per Bank’s policy.

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