Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect information from you when you visit our website or utilize our online financial services, known as “BoK Digital”, through our Mobile App or Web Portal.

At Bank of Khyber, we acknowledge the paramount importance our customers place on the privacy and security of their personal information. Our objective is to safeguard your personal data comprehensively in all interactions, whether it occurs over the phone, in our branches, or on the Internet.

By availing Bank of Khyber Products & Services, you provide consent to the collection and utilization of the provided information in accordance with this policy. The information collected by Bank of Khyber is solely used for service enhancement purposes. We are committed to preserving such personal data and adhere strictly to our policy of not sharing your information with any third party.

Should you have any further inquiries or require additional information regarding our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at our Universal Access Number (UAN) +92-91-111-265-265.

Below are several key definitions of terms used within this policy:

Customer Information: Refers to personally identifiable information about consumers, customers, or former customers of this Institution.

Service Provider: To provide a comprehensive range of online financial services, we may engage various third-party providers, commonly referred to as "Service Providers," who offer services such as website hosting, Internet banking, Mobile App, and bill payment etc.

Internet Protocol (IP) Address: A unique identifier used by devices to communicate on a computer network, akin to a street address or phone number for a computer or other network device on the Internet. We may use IP addresses to monitor login activity and for identification purposes necessary for security investigations.

Cookie: A small text file sent by a web server and stored on your hard drive, computer’s memory, or browser. Cookies play a fundamental role in secure BoK Digital services, helping to identify the computer being used and facilitating various online functions.

"Session" Cookies, used within our BoK Digital product, are encrypted and can only be read by our Service Provider. These Cookies enable the processing of multiple transactions during a session without requiring you to re-enter your credentials for each individual transaction. They do not pass to your computer or phone’s hard drive but are stored in your device’s memory, identifying only your device while logged on. The Cookie is destroyed upon logoff or browser/app closure, ensuring security. A new Cookie is generated for each session, preventing access to your account with the prior Cookie.      

By using Bank of Khyber digital via mobile application or website, you agree to the terms & conditions of our Privacy Policy.

Information collected by Bank of Khyber
When browsing our website, we do not request any personally identifiable Customer Information, nor do we collect unique identifying information about you unless you voluntarily and knowingly provide it, such as when you send us an email or complete an online application. Any information you provide is used solely for internal purposes and in furtherance of the purpose for which it was provided.

In the process of delivering online financial products or services, we may gather information about our customers and website visitors from various sources, including:

Information received from you on applications, emails, or other forms.
  1. Data obtained from consumer-reporting agencies.
  2. Details about your transactions with Bank of Khyber and our affiliates.
  3. Information generated electronically when you visit our website or utilize our online financial services.

Our Service Providers, responsible for hosting our website and BoK Digital service, may collect general information on our website visitors for security and statistical purposes. This information may encompass:
  1. Your web browser's name and version.
  2. Pages visited on our website.
  3. The Internet address (referral site) that led you to our website.
  4. Your Internet Protocol (IP) address.
  5. Duration of your online session.
  6. Date and time of access to our site.

Bank of Khyber's mobile banking application (BoK Digital) is tailored specifically to the banking sector. To enhance user experience and functionality, we may collect additional information with prominent disclosure and reasons for data collection, as outlined below:

Access coarse / fine location: Utilized to locate nearby ATMs based on the user's current location.

Write external storage: Used to download various reports such as account statements.

Biometric/fingerprint: Employed for biometric login at the login screen.

Read Phone Numbers: Allows users to select phone numbers from contacts as new beneficiary payees for instant payments.

Our Service Providers may employ Cookies to gather some of the aforementioned information. In certain cases, you may need to accept cookies to access our website.

If you click on advertisements within our website or on linked third-party websites, you may receive another Cookie; however, you are not obligated to accept any Cookies from third-party advertisements.

How Bank of Khyber Utilizes This Information

Bank of Khyber employs the collected information for various purposes, including:
  1. Providing, operating, and maintaining our services and products: We use the information to deliver and manage the services and products we offer.
  2. Improving, personalizing, and expanding our services and products: We analyze the data to enhance user experience, tailor our offerings to individual preferences, and broaden our range of services and products.
  3. Understanding and analyzing how you use our services and products: We study user behavior to gain insights into usage patterns, preferences, and trends, enabling us to optimize our services and products accordingly.
  4. Not sharing any user information with third parties: We prioritize the confidentiality and security of user information and do not share it with third parties, except as outlined in our privacy policy.
  5. Developing new products, services, features, and functionality: The data we collect aids in the creation and enhancement of innovative offerings to meet evolving user needs and preferences.

We may disclose the collected information with Service Providers who assist us in providing online financial services such as BoK Digital and bill payment.

Additionally, Customer Information may be disclosed when required or permitted by law, such as in connection with legal processes, fraud prevention, or security investigations. We may also share Customer Information outside the institution with your consent, particularly when you request products or services from third-party financial providers.

Aggregate (non-personally identifiable) Customer Information may be shared with Service Providers or financial institutions for marketing and research purposes, under strict confidentiality agreements.

We adhere to a strict policy of not disclosing any Customer Information about our customers, former customers, or website visitors to anyone, except as permitted or required by law. Furthermore, we do not engage in the sale of personal information.

Email Policies:
Upon enrolling in our online services, you will receive a welcome email. We may also receive emails regarding various products and services offered by Bank of Khyber.

Security-related email notices will be sent when you sign up for email alerts on your account(s).If you consent to accept electronic disclosures and/or online account statements, we may send you notices of important account updates via email.

Beware of Phishing Attempts and Internet Scams:
While email is a convenient communication tool, it can also be exploited by criminals for fraudulent purposes. Phishing emails, in particular, are commonly used to lure recipients to fraudulent websites where personal information is solicited. It's crucial to exercise caution and scrutinize website addresses carefully to avoid falling victim to such scams.  

Here are some helpful tips to safeguard your personal information while using the Internet:
  1. Exercise Caution with Email Links: Be cautious of clicking on links in emails, particularly those claiming to be from Bank of Khyber. When in doubt, navigate to the website directly by typing the URL into your browser.
  2. Beware of Information Requests: Bank of Khyber will never request sensitive information like your account number, ATM card number, or PIN via email. If you receive such a request, treat it as suspicious and refrain from providing any personal details.
  3. Use Bookmarks for Financial Websites: Save the URLs of financial websites in your browser's bookmarks and rely on these bookmarks whenever you need to access them. This helps ensure you're visiting legitimate sites.
  4. Verify Website Security: Before entering personal information such as your User ID or Password, verify the website's security features. Look for the lock symbol or "https://" in the address bar, indicating a secure connection. Click on the lock symbol to review the website's security certificate details.
  5. Keep Your Browser Updated: Regularly update your Internet browser to benefit from built-in security features, including anti-phishing toolbars that can help identify fraudulent websites.
  6. Exercise Caution with Email Content: Avoid including confidential or sensitive information in email messages, as they are not inherently secured.
  7. Maintain Updated Security Software: Ensure your computer is equipped with up-to-date anti-spyware and anti-virus software to detect and prevent threats to your online security.

By following these guidelines, you can enhance the security of your personal information and minimize the risk of falling victim to online scams or phishing attempts.

Customer Awareness for BoK Digital Security:
In light of recent developments in the threat landscape surrounding BoK Digital, Bank of Khyber is dedicated to enhance customer awareness regarding online security risks and measures for protection. Fraudsters have escalated their efforts, employing increasingly sophisticated methods to compromise authentication mechanisms and gain unauthorized access to customers’ online accounts. This has resulted in substantial financial losses, highlighting the urgent need for heightened vigilance and proactive security measures.

Key Security Considerations:
  1. Authentication Protocols: To access our BoK Digital service, customers must utilize the designated User Name and Password or other prescribed means of access. It is imperative to safeguard these credentials diligently, as they serve as the primary defense against unauthorized access. Sharing these credentials, intentionally or inadvertently, grants full access to your accounts and poses a significant security risk.
  2. Sufficient Funds or Credit: Prior to instructing any payment or transfer, customers must ensure that the associated account maintains adequate funds or credit. Failure to do so may result in transaction failures or additional charges, as per the Terms & Conditions of the respective deposit account.
  3. Authorized Transactions: Customers and their authorized representatives may initiate various transactions through BoK Digital, including account transfers and accessing account information. However, it is crucial to exercise caution and ensure that only legitimate and authorized transactions are conducted. Any unauthorized or fraudulent activity should be reported immediately to mitigate potential losses.
  4. Compliance with Terms & Conditions: Customers are bound by the Terms & Conditions governing their deposit accounts, which outline the rights, responsibilities, and obligations associated with account usage. It is essential to familiarize oneself with these terms to ensure compliance and mitigate potential disputes or liabilities.

Bank of Khyber remains committed to safeguarding customer interests and maintaining the integrity of BoK Digital services. By fostering awareness and adherence to established security protocols, together we can mitigate the risks posed by online threats and ensure a secure banking experience for all customers.

Loss or Theft of BoK Digital Username or Password
If you suspect that your BoK Digital Username, Password, or any other means of access has been compromised, lost, or stolen, it is crucial to take immediate action to mitigate potential losses and safeguard your accounts. Please contact us promptly at +92-91-111-265-265 to report any unauthorized use or access to your account.

Taking swift action by notifying us via phone is paramount in minimizing potential risks and preventing unauthorized transactions. If you have shared your Username and Password with anyone and wish to revoke their access, it is imperative to change your Password or take necessary measures to restrict further access.

Responsibility for Authorized Transactions:
You are accountable for all transactions initiated through BoK Digital services under this Agreement. If you authorize others to use your account, you assume responsibility for any transactions they conduct. Promptly notify us if you suspect any unauthorized access to your accounts to mitigate potential losses.

Limitation of Liability for BoK Digital Services:
In the event that we fail to execute a transfer accurately or in a timely manner as per our agreement with you, we will assume liability, and our sole responsibility will be to rectify the error. However, neither Bank of Khyber nor its service providers will be liable for any loss or property damage arising from equipment, software, or services provided by third-party entities.

Bank of Khyber disclaims liability for the following:
  1. Incomplete, incorrect, or outdated information provided by the user.
  2. Insufficient funds, inactive or closed accounts, or transactions exceeding credit limits.
  3. User error, including incorrect Username and Password or failure to follow instructions.
  4. Legal processes, account freezes, or suspected fraudulent activities.
  5. Errors caused by external systems or telecommunications failures.
  6. Technical issues such as computer or phone malfunction, or service unavailability.
  7. Non-delivery of payments due to circumstances beyond our control.

Bank of Khyber will never initiate contact with customers to request electronic banking credentials. If you receive any such requests, please terminate the call immediately and contact us directly for assistance.

Tips to Reduce Risk in BoK Digital:
  1. Use Multiple Usernames and Passwords: Maintain separate usernames and passwords for various online accounts, including social networks, online banking, email, and shopping platforms. Using unique credentials for each account adds an extra layer of security, preventing unauthorized access to multiple accounts if one set of credentials is compromised.
  2. Block Cookies on Your Web Browser: When you browse the internet, numerous websites collect data about your online activities through cookies. By blocking cookies, you can limit the amount of data collected about you, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to your information. While this may require entering passwords more frequently, it offers greater privacy and security.
  3. Avoid Sharing Full Birth Dates on Social Networking Profiles: Identity thieves often target personal information such as birth dates to commit fraud. By refraining from sharing your full birth date on social networking profiles, you can minimize the risk of identity theft and protect your personal data.
  4. Remain Vigilant: If you encounter any problems, concerns, or suspicious activities while using BoK Digital services or mobile banking, don't hesitate to contact us immediately at UAN +92-91-111-265-265. Promptly reporting any issues helps us address potential security threats and safeguard your accounts.

Bank of Khyber reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy or any part thereof at any time. It is recommended to regularly check this page for updates or revisions to stay informed about the latest changes. Keeping yourself updated with the Privacy Policy ensures that you understand how your information is handled and protected.

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