COVID-19 Preventive Measures & Continuity of Financial Services

COVID-19 has been declared as a Pandemic by WHO (World Health Organization); it is a challenge to human life globally and is effecting economic activities throughout the world. Banks are taking extraordinary measures to address the challenges associated with this situation. BOK under directives of State Bank of Pakistan is taking a range of measures to protect the safety of general public and our employees. In line with our mandate, we are focused on ensuring continuation of financial services during this Pandemic. In this context, we have taken a number of safety measures already, as described below.

SBP has introduced several policy measures to protect the safety of public & address the potential economic impact amid COVID19 outbreak in Pakistan. For quick and easy access to this information, SBP has created a dedicated page. To learn more visit:

Preventive Measures:

  • Hand Sanitizers availability at all branches & ATMs

  • Awareness Campaigns for social distancing initiated

  • Awareness of COVID-19 on Social Media handles of BOK i.e

  • Customers are advised to limit their visits to branches and use Alternate delivery channels i.e ATMs for routine banking transactions.

Services offered on BOK ATMs:

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Funds transfers (Inter/Intra Bank)
  • Tax Payment
  • Mobile Top ups
  • Utility Bills Payments

Special Clearing facilitation in wake of COVID-19:

  • Direct Cheque Deposit facility
  • Drop box for Cheque Collection Facility
  • Under this arrangement cheque may be presented by payee/beneficiary directly into paying/drawee bank instead of their bank branches as per the existing practice. In this case, the funds may be transferred through RTGS - (MT-102 or MT-103) to payee account.
  • Example: Mr. Ali (beneficiary/payee) maintaining account with BOK has received the cheque from Mr. Akbar maintaining account with ABC bank, in this case Mr. Ali will take this cheque to concern ABC bank branch and will provide his details. After verification, branch will debit the account of Mr. Akbar and will remit the funds to Mr. Ali account maintained with BOK Bank through RTGS.
  • As such the account holders will not require to lodge their cheques in clearing, rather they approach the payee bank to push payment into their accounts instantly. This will save the time in clearance of their cheque.

Open Branches List:

  • Amid COVID-19 Pandemic following branches are operational CLICK HERE

Closed Branches List:

  • Amid COVID-19 Pandemic following branches are temporarily closed for operations CLICK HERE

Operational & Closed ATMs:

  • >For List of Operational and Closed ATMs CLICK HERE

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