Be-baha Mahana Amdan

BOK Be-Baha Mahana Amdan is a medium term deposit that offers Financing Facility up to 90% against lien on deposits.

  • Nature of account is Medium Term Deposit.
  • Tenure of the scheme is 3 Months, 6 Months and 1 year.
  • No limit for maximum deposit.
  • • Expected rate of profit will be 16.25% per annum for 3 months, 16.50% per annum for 6 months and 17.00% per annum for 1 Year.
  • BBMA profit rate at the time of investment / issuance shall be continued till its maturity.
  • Profit payment on monthly basis.
  • Free Cheque Book.
  • Free ATM Card.
  • Free SMS Service.
  • Free Quarterly statement of account upon customer’s request.
  • Premature encashment is allowed as per Bank policy.
  • All type of taxes on profit / withdrawal / zakat is applicable.
  • Individuals including Widows and Senior Citizens.
  • Sole Proprietorship / Partnership / Pvt. Limited Co. / Public Limited Co.
  • Government Organization (Federal / Provincial).
  • District Government / Local Government Organization.
  • Trust / Club / Association / Society / Political Party / Charity / NGO / NPO.
  • Public Sector Corporation / Autonomous Body.
  • Accountholders of Foreign missions.
  • Minimum deposit requirement is Rs.100,000/-
  • Opening of Current or Saving Bank Deposit account is mandatory for issuance of BBMA Term Deposit, thereof, on the basis of deposit account.

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